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Children in Gym policy


Viva Leisure and Club Lime wish to support parents as much as possible during their fitness journey.  At the same time, we realise that not all parents can find the time to utilise our facilities.  Accordingly, Club Lime publishes below our policy in regards to children within the gym facilities.  The policy is built around the approach that a gym with heavy equipment and loud music at times is an unsafe place for young children.


Non-members under the age of 13 years will be permitted access to our gym’s under direct parental supervision within the following areas and times;

  • For facilities with creche:
    • In the Creche - During all creche operating hours, following correct booking procedure
  • For facilities with no creche or when the creche is not operating:
    • Reception or dedicated safe sitting area – During staffed hours

Under no circumstances are non-members under the age of 13 to enter the gym floor where gym equipment exists (with or without a parent/guardian).


All children must be accompanied by the parent or guardian when using the toilets.


The supervision of any child in our facilities is the sole responsibility of the parent or responsible guardian and must be assured at all times.

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