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Willl I be able to access other Club Lime facilities?


Club Lime offers two membership levels, a “Single Club” membership which allows access to a nominated home club only, and a “Multi Club” level, which allows members to use all the facilities at each and every Club in the Lime network, including the aquatic facilities at CISAC Belconnen (Canberra International Sports & Aquatic Centre), and Psycle Life at the Kingston Foreshore (

For Members as at 28 September 2018

As a loyal Xceler8 member, your membership was upgraded to the equivalent of a Multi Club membership automatically. This means that you can access any of the other Club Lime facilities. To do so, you will just need to check in with your friendly customer service team to swap your Xceler8 access pass over to a Club Lime one. There will be no charge for this exchange.

For Members who joined after 28 September 2018

Members who joined after 28 September 2018 have the level of membership they subscribed for (ie: Single Club or Multi Club). These members have not received the complimentary upgrade to Multi Club level membership.


Club Lime has facilities all around Canberra, with a full list here:

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