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Do I have to pay for Parking!


Some locations have dedicated parking areas for members (some of which are paid parking), however the good news is that as a member, you need to simply swipe your membership card and you will be given a free parking voucher (at sites where we offer on-site car parking).

Different membership levels provide you with more or less parking time on your voucher. Each member is limited to one voucher per day.

Pay parking is generally from 8:30am to 5:30pm, and as such, those members who visit during peak time are not affected.

The majority of our facilities have shared parking with other tenants in the same buildings generally which may be free or paid.  If you have a specific question then please contact our Support Team.

Please ask our receptionists for assistance in using the self-serve parking voucher system. Alternatively you can request a voucher at reception.

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