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Your first Psycle Life ride


Your first ride at Psycle Life is as important to you as it is to us. It is best to turn up as early as possible before your first ride (atleast 15 minutes before class) so that we may help you setup your bike (seat, handle-bars, etc are all adjustable to suit your body type and size).

You do not need to wear cycling shoes, but eventually we recommend you get yourself some as they help with some of the bike moves the instructor will ask you to complete.

It is important to drink lots of water during your ride to stay hydrated. As with anything to do with fitness, the more energy you put into it, the better the results you will achieve, and the more fun you will have (yes, when it hurts, its fun).

So remember, turn up early so we can help you setup your bike, get ready to have a great workout, be ready to have fun, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy yourself.

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