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Members Portal


Our Members Portal is specifically designed to assist you to self manage your membership, as well as have access to various bits of information such as how busy a club is.


The Members Portal is available at


Logging onto the Portal requires a username and password.  Your username is the email address you supplied when you joined.  If you do not know, or have not been issued a password, then you can request one by click on this link:

This will have a temporary password issued to you, or your existing password emailed to you.


Once you have logged into the members portal, you will see a dashboard which includes:

  • Your Membership data (ie: contact details, membership type);
  • Ability to search group fitness classes by Class Name, Class Day of the Week or by Location;
  • Club Utilisation chart over the previous 60 minutes;
  • Club Utilisation chart over the previous 1, 2, 7, 14 or 30 days (this is designed to assist you on planning your training times);
  • Visit Information;
  • Membership Information (length of membership, etc)


In addition, at the top of the Members Portal you will find menu options to make changes to your membership.  We are regularly adding new options to the members portal.



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