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Do you have lockers?


Most (but not all) of our facilities have lockers.  Some facilities In fact have customised key-less lockers. The lockers are free for use of members, and are very simple to use.

You simply select the size of locker you want, key in a PIN (passcode) number, swipe your membership card (for members) or pay the relevant fee (for non-members) and it will assign you a locker.

To regain access to your locker, you simply go back to the key-pad, enter your locker number, and the PIN number you specified when asking for a locker to be assigned, and your locker will open for you.

No need to carry around keys or anything.

For facilities with Pools, we use the same locker system, and again, at no charge to members.

If you have trouble accessing your locker, or remembering your locker number, please one of our gym floor specialists for assistance.

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