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Do I need to be fit to start working out?


When you join a health club, you are required to complete a 'Pre Exercise Medical Questionnaire'. Our staff will review the questionnaire, and advise you if you should seek clearance from a medical practitioner before exercising.  During the online signup process, we will check this form automatically.

If all is clear, then you are free to commence working out, no matter what your fitness level is to begin with. Our health clubs cater for people of all ages and all health levels. We have a range of equipment to assist you no matter what stage your fitness is at. There are group fitness classes for beginners, as well as fitness freaks! We also offer a range of Personal Training to help you kickstart your training and gym experience.

In addition, all memberships include a tailored fitness program every six (6) weeks to help you achieve the results your aiming for. This is included free as part of your membership.

And finally, we have Gym Floor specialists moving around the Clubs at all times to assist you with anything you require, and to help you if you are unsure about a piece of equipment.

The most important thing to know is, ask if you are unsure about anything.


More information on Personal Training is available here:

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