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Temperature Testing in NSW


In light of recent outbreaks we will begin to implement temperature testing at all NSW facilities.

Members will have to adhere to the following conditions:

  • Temperature must be within the normal range of body temperature – less than or equal to 37.3°C
  • If the temperature is equal to or more than 37.4°C then an initial retest can be conducted
  • If this test is again equal to or more than 37.4°C then unfortunately access will be denied – go home, rest up.
  • A re-test can be offered again 10 minutes later. If this 2nd re-test comes up as equal to or above 37.4°C, then again access will be denied.

Unfortunately we will not be accepting any explanations as to why your temperature may be over the maximum permitted. If you are over at the time of check-in then access will not be granted. 

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