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Re-opening QLD facilities


Most Club Lime facilities in QLD will re-open to members from 2nd June 2020 (except West End - Thursday 4th June). All members will be required to book their workout or class via the members portal. Bookings will be limited to one hour sessions. You will need an Active (non-suspended) membership to secure a booking.

Facilities will only be open during staffed hours. Staffed hours will vary for each club, so please refer to our website. We will move to resume our 24/7 facilities as when Government restrictions permit. Casual (non-member) bookings are not available.

Group Fitness will commence from Monday 8th June at a limited capacity in a number of locations. This will be expanded when logistically possible. Bookings will be required for all Group Fitness via the members portal.

Members can resume work with their Personal Trainer but must book a time via the Members Portal as advised above, simultaneously liaising with their PT to confirm this time.

Please note: this information is only applicable to clubs in the QLD. Members in ACT (now open), NSW and VIC will receive further updates as Government restrictions are eased.

If you require further assistance, please contact our support team.

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