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Social Distancing and restrictions


While general government guidelines allow for 1.5 metre physical distancing, within the active exercise environments our recommendation is to have as much distancing as possible, which may mean you have to wait a few minutes for equipment to become available from time to time. Controlled areas guided by fixed equipment (ie Treadmills, Pin loaded equipment) will be maintained at a minimum of 1.5 metre.

Under stage 2.1 as directed by the ACT Government, the maximum number of patrons allowed in each enclosed area (greater than 80m2) will be 20 persons.

Floor markings will help direct the flow of traffic during peak periods in our clubs and ensure members keep enough space between themselves and others while using the facilities.

For ‘Active Training Session’ ie group fitness classes, the minimum physical distancing will be 2 metres.

No sharing of equipment will be permitted at any time.

If you require further assistance, please contact our support team.

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