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Re-opening NSW faciliities


As announced on Wednesday 10th June by the NSW Government, sport and recreation facilities would be allowed to reopen from Saturday 13th June under the following restrictions:

  • One person per four square metres
  • No more than 20 participants, plus the instructor and any assistants for Group Fitness

Club Lime
hiit republic and Fit n Fast (except Penrith & Hurstvillewill all open from Saturday 13th June. Normal 24/7 access will apply to members, adhering to the above restrictions.

Group Fitness will resume as follows;

- Club Lime: from 22nd June, or earlier if restrictions ease on participants,
- hiit republic: from 13th June as NSW clubs reopen - max of 10 per class,
- Fit N Fast: Yoga Bar will be reintroduced in the coming weeks and details on the return of QMAX will be supplied at a later date. 

Members can resume work with their Personal Trainer but sessions will be limited to one on one training. 

Please note: this information is only applicable to clubs in the NSW. Members in ACT/ QLD (now open) and VIC will receive further updates as Government restrictions are eased.

If you require further assistance, please contact our support team.

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