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Closure of all gym facilities


On Sunday 22 March 2020, the Prime Minister announced that certain non-essential services and businesses must close by midday on Monday 23 March 2020.  Unfortunately, gyms and indoor sports centres were considered as part of these Stage 1 restrictions as non-essential.

This has meant that all Club Lime facilities are legally required to close.

We do not exist without our members, and our members are key to our success just as we are key to their success by providing Affordable, Accessible and Awesome facilities.

As of the closure of our facilities, all normal membership fees have been suspended, and a Digital Membership offering has been made available to our members. 

Club Lime has over 1,000 team members working diligently to provide you, our members with the best possible fitness experience available.  Our team has been working extremely hard, even in these difficult times on an issue which is completely outside of their, ours and everyone’s control.  The COVID-19 virus has presented us with unprecedented conditions, and with a regulated temporary closure has affected not only our business, but hundreds of businesses and sole traders who rely on the work that Club Lime and our parent Viva Leisure provide them.

While we are unsure how long it will be until we see you again in our facilities, rest assured we will be with you online so that you can achieve your goals during this time-out from our Clubs.

Whilst our support team is still available, please be advised that we are working with limited staff in order to preserve the long-term future of the business during this difficult period.  This may mean we will take a little longer than normal to respond to your requests.

Whilst other countries that have temporarily closed gyms have provided financial assistance by way of rental abatements with landlords, and reimbursement of employee labour costs, at the time of writing, the Australian Government including the government of the states and territories in which we operate, have not provided any financial assistance packages to our industry.

The entire fitness industry is affected by this change and it is important that we ask our local and federal members of government to not forget the importance of the health and fitness industry.

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  • Avatar
    Mary-Jane Liddicoat

    we need the option of suspending our membership or at least information about whether payment will continue to be deducted. in lieu of these options we have had no choice but to cancel our credit card

  • Avatar
    Alyssa Evans

    We need to be able to access the portal which we can not to suspend our memberships. This should have been information provided to us before closing.

  • Avatar
    vicki Kinnane

    Hi Guys, you have to give us the option to suspend our membership from today. There is no way you can take money when the gym is not open. Can you please advise how we do this online? especially if the membership portal is no longer allowing this option.

  • Avatar
    Mathew Knobel

    Is anyone else having issues accessing the member portal? I tried to suspend my membership today and there was an error? Checked and double checked. Can this be addressed as a priority please? Have emailed you directly also.

  • Avatar
    Tamba Hali

    I contacted Club Lime via their online chat function. They have advised that all memberships are being suspended (prepaid, week to week etc) and all payments are being halted accordingly. Prepaid memberships will have the time, for which the memberships are suspended, added onto the original expiry date.

  • Avatar
    Mark Sieler

    Thank you Club Lime for how you have handled and responded to this situation.

  • Avatar
    Darth Guybrush

    Club Lime has over 1,000 team members working diligently to provide you, our members with the best possible fitness experience available. >> How << most have been stood down.