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Access to clubs (Healthworks)



There will be no changes regarding your access to clubs, however over time we will swap each member’s access pass to a Club Lime Access Pass/ FOB.

In addition to a Club Lime access pass, you can also download our Club Lime Member ID add from the Apple app store, or Google Play store.  We also have Apple Watch app which will allow you to gain entry.

As an immediate bonus, you can now visit any of the acquired Healthworks locations 24/7 without having to sign-in or limit your visit to during staffed hours.

If you would like to upgrade your membership to access Club Lime facilities in Nationally (ACT, NSW & VIC) you will need to swap your access pass over to a Club Lime pass/ FOB. You can swap your pass during staffed hours at your home club. You can also upgrade your membership online, but will need to swap your pass over once you upgrade.

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