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Will I need a new Club Lime membership FOB/card to access the Healthworks club?


Your old Healthworks access pass will continue to allow you access to the existing Healthworks locations (See list of locations here).  All of the locations will be rebranded to Club Lime in the near future.

However, if you wish to access any of the other hiit republic or Club Lime facilities located in New South Wales, ACT or Victoria, or any of the new Club Lime locations not included in the acquired locations, you will need to upgrade your membership and/or obtain a new membership pass to replace your existing Healthworks access pass.  There is no fee for existing members to change your membership access pass over to a new access pass if you upgrade your membership, however a fee does apply if you lose or damage your access pass and require another.

As an alternative to upgrading your access pass, you can now use the specially designed Club Lime Member ID app, available on the app store or google play.  More details available at or at this article.



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